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Metamorfosi Notturne and La Terra Galleggiante associations present Spazio1984 and the conversion of Immagini dell'Interno (puppet festival which reaches its 26th edition) in the role of an Author Streaming.

Linked to the Georges Orwell dystopia, the project Spazio1984 – Streaming Art Apology  wants to redefine and uphold the streaming channel.

The streaming is above all a new way to increase artists’ creativity by giving them the chance to explore the digital world. Thanks to that, the performers will have a different space to explore their art. 


The Associations Involved

La Terra Galleggiante, leader of the project with 30 years of activity in the field of theatre of objects, is the promoter of many activities for contemporary puppet theatre. It has managed the Teatro del Lavoro in Pinerolo (TO) for 12 years.

Metamorfosi Notturne, a young association that deals with the production, organization and support of realities related to the world of contemporary music.



The activity of Spazio1984 will start from mid-June and will last until the end of September. The associations involved will give their technical and artistic support to the multidisciplinary projects which will be streamed. Thanks to Spazio1984, the festival ‘Immagini dell'Interno’ will have a multidisciplinary schedule and different arts will deal with the puppet theatre to have a powerful communicative impact.  

Each show/performance/happening (the word happening underlines the importance of the show even without the audience) will have different needs, in terms of technique and setup times, considering that the streaming has unlimited possibilities of use.


8 ‘events’ are scheduled between mid-June and the end of September. Each one has a different peculiarity, depending on how the company has chosen to investigate the streaming channel.

Spazio1984 begins its journey with the collaborative programming of Immagini dell'Interno but it is a project that will continue in the future, even with independent events.


July 1, July 8, July 10–11, July 16, July 21. The dates are still to be defined for September. Generally, the screenings will take place at 10 p.m. (depending on the artists, the website will be updated regularly).


The public in possession of a specific device is invited to project on the building in front of their house the ‘happenings’, in order to create everywhere a widespread sense of art, estrangement and dreamlike vision.

Artists involved

- Quartetto Maurice + Amalia Franco e Giulia Lorusso;

- Alexander Chernyskov, Marina Poluekhina, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Dario Fariello;

- Giulietta Debernardi + Alberto Momo + Paolo Leonardo + Alberto Danzi e Diego Dioguardi;

- Carlo Barbagallo e Elaine Carmen Bonsangue (Comet – Noja Recordings);

- Compagnia Factory;

- Tessuto Corporeo;

- Malastrana Compagnia;

- La Magnolia

- Ingegnerie Emotive



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